Home and Business Remodeling in Palm Harbor, Florida

The number one question GCS is asked regarding a complete home renovation is.. When will you be finished? This is where GCS exceeds all expectations! We will not only coordinate the design and management of the project, but also the temporary relocation during the process. This helps both GCS and our clients move more quickly towards completing the project and getting you back to life after a renovation. We will also help you secure a POD (portable storage unit) if there is not enough room to store your personal contents.

The second most asked question is.. Can we remove ‘this’ wall? The answer is YES! GCS has an extensive team in place to tackle issues like load bearing walls, rerouting electrical, plumbing, and AC lines, setting propane tanks for indoor as well as outdoor kitchens, updating electrical panels, installing (gas/ electric) tankless water heater, correcting structural issues, and much more!

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